Drag Me To Hell

Probably my favorite movie. Definitely top 5. Here’s why:

It could happen to you. It’s totally plausible. It’s a witchcraft crossover into real life that could happen to anyone. It’s a take on hell in a way we’ve all seen it, fire and brimstone and just a one misstep away. It’s a psychological thriller as much as a gross-out film.

What the hell is a curse anyway? And who can give curses? These are answers we don’t have going into the film, and they play into a stereotype that is completely relevant to fooling us into believing that it’s just that easy – steal a button off your coat and bam, cursed to hell in 3 days.

I’ve read the theory about it being a metaphor for her eating disorder and what it’s doing to her psyche. Sure, that could be applicable, backed up by the insane amount of vomit we encounter, but a large part of that theory is reliant on the demons’ role in metaphor. In lore, this particular demon, Lamia, is a child eater. Maybe the conclusion we are supposed to make is that Christine’s current state has overcome and “eaten” her past self. Either way, it’s worth giving it a watch with this theory in mind.

It’s playful, it’s endearing, it’s relatable, it’s scary, fun, weird, and introspective. And sure, a lot of the technology is outdated and Justin Long is irrelevant, but it continues to age super well because the core of the story is that hell is so much closer than we are willing to admit.

5/5. Always.

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