I could smell this film. I could smell the skateboard wheels, Stevie’s house, his brothers room, the sweat, the concrete, the party, the Kools, the hair, the shop, the car. The scent was palpable because I’ve smelled all of those smells. The attempt to recreate an era was a slam-dunk, and the fact that I could smell it was just an added bonus.

The performances were so earnest, and the dialogue was so smart. Not only did I smell this film, but I heard everything the silence was trying to say. The moments of silence were not forced and more valuable than a lot of the dialogue. Ray and Fuckshit had entire conversations in glances, and that was not easy to write or direct, or to ask of two young actors.

The film fell with the soundtrack. When The Smiths started playing, it almost lost me into a cliched abyss. But I could see why we needed a mood setting soundtrack as opposed to a contemporary one. We needed it to fill the space, and that’s just a films necessity.

I also appreciated the diversity this film presented. The cast had obviously spent a lot of time together to create an atmosphere that was believably friendship. Stevie’s permanently plastered smile was a perfect indication of a well dressed and well cast film. The smile was deep, and sweet.

I know those kids, I’ve been in those houses, that shop, I’ve heard those songs, I’ve ridden in that car. The film achieved what it set out, and it did it in a stylish way. 5/5, I will watch this again and I will recommend it to anyone my age or older.


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